Friday… thank goodness!!!!

Ah, what a week. We are staying busier this summer, which is making for less stress somehow. It’s like a lazy busy, you know? I try to get to the pool as much as possible, take some walks, get errands run, and have some down time to just run around in the yard and blow bubbles and moan about how hot it is. 😀

Carrie and her family were here last night. We took them on an overlong walk down to the Bay and then back uptown to Gene’s Beans. My plan was to get the kids exhausted. It worked, but then we were tired too! I was sad to see her leave this morning. But I know how terribly excited they are about Disney. The kids have NO idea they are going. I didn’t get a picture of the green shirts I made the boys, but I’ll get her to shoot me one. Reading this Carrie?

Today we have plans to meet up with one of my friends and her two kids. Tori is bringing along her best friend too. So, 6 kids ages 9,6 and 4 at the Science Museum. Should be fun, eh? But everyone will have a playmate of the same age. Fingers crossed they all get along.

The newsletter is out at DigiScrapDivas.Click here I, for once, got my act together and got a layout to Bree in time.

Layout was made using the DigiScrapDiva June Megakit This month’s kit may be my favorite one yet. I love the color pallete.

Well, time move over some MORE laundry and clean up before our big afternoon. Have a great Friday afternoon and stay cool. DANG it’s hot out there.


Summer is here.

Wow is it ever here! frozen treat snacks, mornings at the pool, afternoon thunderstorms (though not enough, we need more RAIN!), sleeping late (well, past 7:00 a.m. IS late for us), tons of playdates…

So much going on.

Where to start?

TJ’s birthday was wonderful. His one wish was to take his best buddy, Hutton, to Build a Bear because Hutton had never been there. For birthday dinner he wanted… IHOP. We tried to steer him towards other choices, but his heart was set on IHOP. He cracks me up.

Also, the big man lost his first baby tooth! Of course, I created a layout about it:

I used BriAnna’s (Atomic Cupcake) Deliriously Yours It’s kind of simple, but I was very pleased with the photo and REALLY wanted it highlighted.

Other scrapping news: Be sure to check out Kim Hill’s Blog. She is running a little challenge alongside her Essential Contest to find a new CT Member.

I’m so excited, one of my absolute best friends will be here Thursday afternoon with her family to spend the night on their way to Florida. I haven’t seen Carrie in a year and I’m really looking forwarding to our time together, even if it’s too short. We WILL do CKU again, Carrie… very soon 😀 I will have to post pictures of the shirts I made for her boys, they are cool Mickey Tie Dyed ones that I learned to make last year on our Disney adventure.

Tori has changed to green and pink bands on her braces. Too cute. She has her plane ticket paid in full for camp Retta. I can’t wait to hear about her adventures with Retta that week.

Pretty soon, like June soon, I will hold in my hot little hands my very first in print layouts… Some of my most favorites layouts at that! “Where’s Yoda?” “Just Breathe” and “Expect Miracles” The EM page features a large picture of Tommy on vent when he wasn’t quite 24 hours old. I LOVE that photo as it was the very first time he had opened his eyes and looked at me since his lungs had collapsed. LOVE that photo I tell you. Good photography, Tim! Blueprint Layouts

We’ve tons to do. We leave Sunday for Texas (and all the Tex-Mex we can eat), then VBS will start the Monday right after we return, of course I will be helping. It seems I cannot tell the church ‘no’ when they ask for VBS…sigh. My nieces will be with us too! So much going on.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Summer. I’ll update more often… honest! 😀

TJ’s Graduation

Yesterday was the big graduation day for TJ. Rumor has it this will be the last year ever for the smaller creative graduations. The new Principal has decided that all classes should do the same thing together. 13 classes of children graduating at once… in the gym. That’ll be fun. NOT.

Back to TJ’s class. The show was adorable. TJ was a turkey. And a pretty stinking cute turkey at that. I was fine with mommy hormones until I saw TJ’s teacher bawling.


So… here’s a dark snippet of TJ’s part. I’ll be getting that digicam one of these days!!!! Really…

Get Stickam for Free.

Tim pointed out that I forgot to include that we had an actual date the other night. We had dinner out at a new place called Stix (not too bad) and then went to see Da Vinci Code. Thanks for the date, Honey. Had a nice evening. 😀

Yesterday the Haverty’s delivery guys were unable to get my new little sectional into my sitting room. I’ve waitied for this for over 2 months. I was quite upset when the driver told the CR that I was ‘stupid’ for thinking it could fit in there. Ummmm… my sleeper sofa that is longer, wider and taller went through that same room. So I am totally sure it can fit INTO the room. I finally told them to bring it back on Friday afternoon and asked Tim to please be home to help them get it in.

I REALLY wish I had them leave it here in the foyer. And we could have placed it. Oh well, done is done.

Well, Summer Break is about to swing into full force as of 11:45 a.m. today. Already the kids are jam packed with parties and playdates and sleepovers through the weekend. It hasn’t even started and I need a vacation from this vacation…

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll post some layouts later today.

Monday Blah-g

Happy Monday. Is these such a thing?

Let’s see… weekend…

Saturday we loaded up the kids and went over to the Eastern Shore Center. Wasted some time in Barnes and Noble (yes, I got an overpriced coffee drink) and then went over to Build a Bear. This Saturday the children could make a bear to be be donated to the local Ronald McDonald House for free. I insisted that no one could buy anything (even with saved up money) and tried to keep the focus on doing something they really enjoy for someone else. TJ was upset at first, but by the time we got there he really understood. I was glad to see the small point made. Kudos to Build a Bear for such a good idea.

That afternoon we spent a couple of hours at the public pool. As one of my friends put it ‘we are public pool people’. With the local ‘Swim Club’ costing $20,000 to JOIN (not including yearly fees) I’m fine with being a public pool kind of girl. Just fine.

Sunday was a nice lazy day. Before Mass we got the kids signed up for Vacation Bible School. I thought this year I might skip out on being a helper mom… but Katy already signed me up. ~Sigh! Well, I won’t have to fret about Tommy eating a snack wtih nuts by accident, I’ll be with him the whole time!

I found out I did not make it into the next round of the UDS contest. Truthfully, I had begun feeling more confident about that layout. I blame it all on Kim Crothers. 😀 She has become a sort of digiscrapping hero (yes, I know non-scrappers roll your eyes, yawn…) since she made it into the CK Hall of Fame this year. I really like her style so much. She is a judge in the contest and made a really nice comment about my layout. So, it’s all Kim’s fault I was feeling good about my chances! 😉 Luckily, I have pretty thick skin from submitting so much these past 7 months, so other than an ‘Oh, man!’ I was good to go. I entered the contest to challenge myself as a growing artist and to see how far I could go. I’ll probably enter Hall of Fame 2007 for the same reason. So, there you go.

I managed to get a couple of layouts done this weekend.

Finally another Disney one:

Used Deliriously Yours from Atomic Cupcake.

And TJ’s Down By the Bay Fieldtrip this Spring:

Everything from CG Essentials (Kim Hill)

Tag, staple and sanded overlay from Bit and Pieces
Papers from Skater Boy (ACOT exclusive)
Words: Magnetic Words ‘Romantic’

On to my piles of laundry and other exciting household tales.


Only a week?!


There is only one week of school left for the kids. I’m not ready for the Summer yet. In fact, I’m not even ready for TJ’s birthday next Friday.

Lots going on around here. First of all, Tori’s shoes were indeed found for the last Red Shoe Club Meeting of the year. Where you ask? One was under her bed… the other was IN her bed. ~sigh~ They had a local author come do a reading and afterwards sign their copies of the books. Now that the girls are getting older we have decided they need to begin doing some service work. So they will start donating one hour a month to the new library this Fall. Also, almost $400 was donated by the girls to help purchase new books. I’m going to make up a bookplate that says ‘donated by the Red Show Reading Club’.

TJ’s class is working hard on their graduation play. The kids are so excited about this farm play. I can’t wait to see it.

Tommy had Rodeo Day today at preschool. He woke up practically jumping for joy. He wore his boots, a bandana, and a cowboy hat. He was one happy cowboy.

I finally put the finishing touches on my layout last night for Round Three of the Ultimate DigiScrapper. These Children I usually am pretty laid back about submissions and contests. I felt good about this layout, until I posted it. Now I’m actually feeling sick to my stomach about the choices I made: less journaling done in a creative way, the simplicity… the almost too thick paint. Oh, well, what can you do? It’s done.

By the way, I made that paint in a really cool program I discovered this week. Check it out ArtRage2 I had made some paint strokes with various brushes etc in photoshop, but was pleased with how easily I could just slop on some paint with this program. Easily going to become one of my favorites used in conjuction with my Wacom Tablet. 😀

I think I forget to mention on here that I recently became part of the Atomic Cupcake Creative Team! I did my first layout for BriAnna the other day. TEXAS. I really like how she puts layouts as examples with kits.

Well, I think that covers all the basics. I’m off to have a few hours of quiet.

Have a great Thursday!


So does anyone know where Tori put her red shoes?

She has a Red Shoe Reading Club meeting this afternoon and I can’t find them anywhere! ARUGH!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s see what else is going on besides the shoe hunt.

This layout seemed to take me forever to put together. I still think I’m going to muck around with the balance some.

I am almost done with my Round Three entry for the Ultimate Contest. It’s pretty straightforward… but I’m happy with it. Just another tweak or two and I’ll be uploading it. So come see it soon!

Ok, well, back to the shoe hunt.