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Seeing as I don’t know Html coding to insert the silly slideshow I HAD to have… and I’m just flying by the seat of my pants… please excuse the current technical difficulties…



Ok, appears to be working…

Hi all. I decided it would be much easier for me to simply post pictures, video etc on a blog than email it out constantly.

So first up: Tori had her violin recital last night. Have you ever been to a first year violin recital? I think drinking prior to the concert should have been a requirement. The adults in the audience worked hard on not making eye contact with each other… if you did the carefully composed proud parent face facade might crumble at any second. Don’t get me wrong… they did wonderfully, everyone of them. But violin is hard… to learn AND to listen to sometimes! Luckily Tori takes her violin lessons very serious.

Ok, she’s not a serious musician, but she is really enjoying the class. She has even asked to take second year violin next year. Seeing as our public schools only offer music twice a month I am all for the classes.

Watch the Video Clip from the recital!