A space of our own

So this happened….

A while back Eric floated the idea by me that maybe another house might better suit us and our lifestyle. 

At first I refused to even entertain the idea of a move any earlier than 4 years or so. I just wasn’t ready to pack it all up. 

But as we talked I realized he had a point. And we began to look around for ideas of what would work for our family. 

I came up with a long list of (honestly) slightly absurd things like: NO wallpaper, granite counters, hardwood floors, circular drive, at least an acre, at least 3 bathrooms, at least 4 bedrooms plus an office, something with character. 

We both agreed no HOA. (Never again!) 

So we started stalking Zillow etc. in December Eric showed me a house that seemed to fit the bill. After looking st the listing about 100 times I agreed we should go see it. 

So – of course we didn’t. 

But then in January — we did. 

And well — log story short — we bought it. 

We have hardwood floors and everything else plus some on my crazy list — and an acre and a she-shed and a deck and…

A lot of boxes to unpack. 

And while we are exhausted – we are thrilled. 

Anyone want to come now the lawn?


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