Anniversary Trip – Part 3 – San Francisco

2016-11-05_09-50-53_764.jpegThe morning dawned QUITE cold. 18 degrees cold.

Cold enough that we dashed down to Starbucks (thanks for the gift card, Liz!) and got my beloved Extra Hot White Peppermint Mocha — which has enough sugar to last humanity two lifetimes. But it’s oh so good. I’ll have another one in a year.

We waved goodbye to Raley’s (a nod to my job) and headed to San Fransisco!


Being a small town Southern Girl — dude, that traffic!

We finally checked into our hotel – San Francisco Marriott Union Square before heading out on totally unplanned adventures.

What a busy town! The one thing I wish we’d done: The Cable Car Museum As we rode the cable cars to and from the hotel I was trying to figure out how they worked. Eric found a pamphlet for the museum once we collapsed back in our room before dinner. It looked pretty cool!

After talking to the concierge we decided on John’s Grill (home of The Maltese Falcon) for our anniversary dinner. Excellent meal. And the walk was nice as well.

Enjoyed the city — and we both agreed, maybe we are small town people after all. Tomorrow: wine country!

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