Anniversary Trip – Part 2 – Lake Tahoe


Keep in mind I hadn’t flown since Tommy was a wee baby. Fights used to make me super anxious. I was with Eric going on a surprise trip to California… I was too excited to be nervous.

W e flew from Pensacola to Atlanta. Once we settled down to wait for our flight to California, Eric filled me in on the details of our whirlwind trip:


We’d fly into Sacremento and meet Liz for lunch. Then we’d be driving to Lake Tahoe for a two night stay. We’d then drive to San Francisco for one night. Then Sonoma for one night – where Liz and Jason planned to meet us to tour some of their favorite wineries. Then back to Sacramento to fly out.

Seriously, Eric put some major planning into this trip. When I asked where when and why — he just smiled and said while it was our fifth anniversary, it should have been our twentieth. He wanted to do it up big.

I’d say he succeeded! The flight in offered breathtaking scenery.


When we landed in California – giddy and excited doesn’t even touch how I felt. Eric told me we’d be renting a car and driving to Liz’s to meet her. I texted her to let her know we’d landed and we’d be seeing her soon.

Ha! She tricked us both and was actually at the airport waiting for us. I was so surprised I didn’t get a single pic of us together that day. We went to her house for lunch and she gave us a lovely packed basket for the days ahead. It was truly perfect!


After some recommendations from places to eat we got on the road. It was so neat to see such different landscape along the way. I totally southern girl got excited to see snow as we climbed the mountain. Luckily the switchbacks didn’t get me carsick. I just stared in shock when we crested the ridge to begin the descent to Lake Tahoe. It was truly breathtaking. They are not the best photos but I think shows how excited I was snapping pics like a crazed tourist. It was awesome.

We stayed at Marriott’s Timber Lodge in South Lake Tahoe. Very cool place.


There is a gondola that runs up the mountain. We were there during ‘off season’ as it wasn’t quite ski season yet. Unluckily, that meant the gondola was having maintenance done and we couldn’t’ ride it. Boo.

The next morning Eric found me the all important pancakes I’d requested:


And then we spent about 5 hours slowly driving around Lake Tahoe. We had no where to be. No plans. We’d pull over whenever anything looked awesome. So that meant a LOT of pulling over. 🙂

I think those pictures speak for themselves. Lake Tahoe is an amazing place. You should go. Seriously.

Later that night we enjoyed a live band by the fire with some whiskey to help ward off the chill. It didn’t suck.


Next day?  We were heading to San Fransisco!


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