The epic surprise anniversary trip

So, a few months before our 5th Anniversary Eric started telling me: I have something planned for us. I’d smile and nod and think he was so sweet.

A bit later he told me it was a surprise trip. And he needed me to make sure kids were taken care of and I was off work. Okay… intrigued, I admit.( And also super excited. I’ve always thought surprise vacations were pretty darn romantic, honestly.)

About 6 weeks out I told Eric: “Honey, you gotta help me: I don’t know what to pack!?” He begrudgingly gave me a range of temperatures and activities, but only if I promised not to start trying to figure out where we were going. Oh… it was so tempting to look. But I knew he’s worked hard on something, so I promised.

In the end I literally bought an entire fall wardrobe. And then said: okay, I’m ready! By this time family and friends were all asking: where are you going? I could honestly say I had no idea. None. I loved it. I think it was driving some of my friends a tad crazy, though. Ha!

The day of the trip he woke me up VERY early.


I climbed in the car quite certain we were heading for the mountains in GA or TN. Maybe a tad more north. Eric promised to tell me when we stopped by coffee in Pensacola. Since Starbucks was closed he headed to a 24 hour place — of sorts.

He told me to get out the map of Alabama and when I unfolded it — told me we were not going anywhere on there. Well, good, since we were already in Florida! A minute or two later he told me to reach under my car seat. And I pulled out a wooden map. (By the way 5th anniversary is wood for those of you keeping score at home.)


He then asked me to pick where I thought we were going. I think I tried Tennessee first. Then maybe Colorado. He kept saying… nope. And finally I picked up California:


Holy crud he was taking me to California?!! I looked up and realized we were pulling into the airport.

I don’t even remember what I said at that point but I know I babbled for a while and then said something about Liz, my best girlfriend in the world — and he says hmmmmmmm, when did you last hear from Liz? Glance at my phone and — text from Liz. And yeh, I’m trying not to cry. He’s taking me to California and even worked in a visit with Liz.

So we get on the plane and begin the surprise cross country journey.

Yeh, I’m pretty darn lucky.

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