Quick day trip to Auburn

We got the boys up early and headed to Auburn since we had a mini-crisis situation with Tori’s housing at Aubrun for 2016/2017. They changed the majority of housing (the ones not reserved for athletes or sororities) to freshman only. And with basically no warning at all. There were around 400 spots up for grabs for everyone else. Maybe less. 

It was a slightly mad scramble to secure a place. But we did it. And she can still catch the University’s bus as well. Score. 

Added bonus: TJ and Tommy  got sunglasses from the complex and now plan to start a boy band. 

These pics crack me up. 

That way they can afford their own place at Auburn. 🙂 

We had a tasty lunch at Niffer’s (Tori REALLY wanted to introduce boys to their burgers) and then walked about 3 miles around campus so Tori could show boys some places. 

Engineering School    
Meditating area

Tori and TJ decided to go with tradition – they had lemonades at Toomer’s corner. 

And — a hole. 

We made it back in time to get Beaux as well — even though it was a near thing thanks to Eric’s Starbucks run. (Ha!) 


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