Confession time 

This morning Eric and TJ left for the Hunting Camp at the ungodly hour of 3 am. I had made them breakfast last night ready for them to take and left a good night — I stumbled over to give a kiss and a good luck mumble before collapsing right back in my warm bed. 

And didn’t get up for hours. 


Tom and I eventually got up and had breakfast together. We ran a couple of very short errands. 

And then…

we had a wonderfully quiet day. 

I made a King Cake with a new recipe found here. Tom helped shell the pecans for me. 

I was quite worried it wouldn’t turn out well but the result looks and smells awesome. *Taste to be determined after supper!

There’s a sausage bake ready to hit the oven when the guys let me know they are 30 mins out. 

Otherwise I have jazz playing — and I’m reading. 

I asked Tom a couple of times if he wanted to go do something. But he was totally into his book as well. 

Yeh. Like that. 

Happy Sunday, everyone. Enjoy your loved ones. 


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