Girl’s Weekend NOLA

Donna and her daughter, T, invited us to NOLA this weekend since T was going wedding dress shopping with her newly engaged cousin.

So after Tori’s school trip to NOLA Friday – we got up at 5 am to head back on Saturday.

Once we got T dropped off for a day of dress appointments – the three of us headed downtown. Well, after a side trip to a dairy free bakery The Peace Baker

And then another stop by Randazzo’s

And then another stop at the grocery story.

And a few more Uturns…

THEN we arrived.

Of course Tori wanted to shop. But humored me with pics now and again.


After discovering LUSH was no more (a moment of silence, please) and then scoring the elusive floppy hat for Tori’s senior pictures, we decided to go find Juan’s Flying Burrito in the Garden District. It was quite the haul when you have a hungry teen with you. But we made it.

Yummy burritos. Period.

Tori requested we please go find the house where AHS filmed Season Three. She was a HAPPY girl when we got there



More shopping and silliness with Donna…


Only to walk right by a house I had always wanted to find again:




Eventually Tori had her first Streetcar Ride followed by 2 blocks of Bourbon Street as she requested. After 2 blocks she declared: “That’s more than enough. Me and my pearls do NOT belong here!” (Yay for that — and please note it was daylight and we stayed away from super ick places! It was a quick stroll down the street to hopefully satisfy curiosity.)

We eventually met up with Donna’s niece and T – and went to Felix’s for a very good supper. All in all I would say the girl had a good trip.

Despite this creepy guy we found in a window…


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