Hunt, eat & party

Title is kinda cave-man sounding, huh?

e asked me to sit in a new location for the tree stand yesterday. Sure, why not?

3:30 am wake up after not sleeping well the night before. Meh.

Stumbling through the woods in heavy boots looking like a cross between an airline mechanic and Gomer Pyle. Meh. Meh.

Climbing ladder cold and hungry in said heavy boots. Meh. Meh. Meh.

Sunrise and watching the world wake up? Yeh — okay. Pretty gosh darn cool.


No deer were harmed in this story, unluckily. We saw a few spikes. Later a very young Bobcat wandered by us. e let him go as he was basically a baby and he was still hopeful a bigger deer would come on out.

That afternoon we headed over to Biloxi for e’s company Christmas Party. Nice to get away for a night. I’ve actually never stayed at a casino before. Grateful it’s a non-smoking one!




I think this mini-vacation officially wraps up Christmas Parties and such. Now I can focus on finishing shopping and making the cinnamon rolls!

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