So we did this…

This morning I got up at 5 am to get the boys ready for a day trip to New Orleans. For early birthday gifts I took the boys to Wizard World Comic Con to meet Matt Smith. Matt was the 11th Doctor on the popular Doctor Who series on BBC. Since this Fall I’ve been watching the 11th Doctor with the boys.

It’s become something I look forward to watching with them.

At first I was just hoping to connect with TJ on a new level that would earn me some mom points…

Watching this show with the boys ended up being one of those silly mom decisions that worked out super awesome.

TJ really began talking to me. Which for a 13 year old boy — wow!

Anyway. Matt Smith. Geeky awesomeness. And some fun mother/son memories.

Fabulous day.

I made Doctor Who snacks for the trip. Wibbly Wobbly Popcorn mix, Timey Wimey cookies, Sonic Screwdrivers and well, bananas…. Because they are cool!


My friend, Jenn, and her son, Loren, came along as well.

While the boys and I were there for the 11th Doctor, Jenn and Loren were there for Walking Dead.

And I gotta tell you, she nailed her themed Zombie Apocalypse survivalist Snackage.









Matt Smith Q&A was awesome. He’s funny!


And finally – THE photo….


17 hours after we left — home. Exhausted. But with some seriously geeked out boys.



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