Change in plans

School was called off in our county due to extreme temps — well, extreme for us. As e point blank said: it’s kind of embarrassing when you think about the rest of the nation.

At any rate – the kids usually spend tonight with their dad. Since they didn’t have school in the morning it seemed silly to wake them up early to bring them back home. So they stayed here instead. I whipped up some game day treats.


And finished up my first batch of dairy free roasted creamy tomato soup with my super cool immersion blender. (Thanks e!!!) I thought it was pretty dang tasty myself…

Tori’s friend, M, was even brave and tried a grilled cheese sandwich with brie.

We cheered on the Auburn Tigers – but alas. Bum ending there.

Good way to round out the night? Kids even made s’mores in the fireplace.


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