Prepping for Dogwood

God help me. I’m not pageant mom material. Did I mention that?!!!!

But the girl wants to be on the court and I am supporting her dream. She’s had it a long time.

So today I spent over five hours making part of her costume for her skit.



She’s with her dad this weekend so I sent her a text and photo when I was done.

She replied with:


Yeh. I’m a sappy mom. That so made my day.

So, thanks to Gamma, she had a great interview outfit. And thanks to Gamma’s friend the gown had been slightly altered.

Besides some tiny details… she is all set for January 18th.

As a mom – I took a step back this year. This was all Tori all along, but last year I had to drive her to all practices. I reviewed her interview sheet. Her essay.

This year — it’s ALL Tori. She’s driving. I read her essay once it was already turned in. I never saw her interview sheet.

I realized it needed to be HER thing. And I realized it was another step out the door.

I know she’s got this. And I’ll help in any way she needs. But it’s her thing.

And I know, no matter what happens on the 18th, that she has grown into such a beautiful young woman.

I no longer catch tiny glimpses of the woman she will be …

I see her daily.

And I’m so very proud.

Extra whipped cream and all…


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