Beaux’s Big Adventure Day

Due to ongoing issues with being left alone, I take Beaux on most errands I run. Fine and dandy while cool like it is now — a problem come next Summer. I’m working hard to condition him to the kennel. To understand it’s not a bad place and we will be back! Thus far — he’s not buying it. We are on kennel #2 already (yay for hand-me-downs!) with no end in sight.

I digress …

Errands. He has great car manners. Hops right into Suburban and turns around to get buckled in to the cargo area where he stays.

Today e and TJ are dove hunting, Tom is with his dad, and Tori is dancing. So… Beaux and I had adventure day while running errands.

We stopped off at 5 Rivers after NHS Donut deliveries around town.


Then it was off to B&B Pet Stop in Mobile to get some aquarium supplies. *They were out of emerald crabs. I was so bummed!

A coffee run as we headed back across the bay — where the barista offered to give Beaux a shot of whipped cream. He. Was. In. Heaven.


By the time we got to the house to meet friends and deliver last box of donuts — Beaux was near delirious tired. He rarely snuggles with the kids. He’ll sit next to them, but just isn’t a snuggle bug… but today? Oh yeh. No problem.


Good boy.

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