Relaxing Rainy Recon

e and I went out with the Dewberrys today in their jeep. Drove up to the hunting camp. Since this was my first trip up I was introduced to Stagecoach. What a hoot!


My favorite was the little old lady playing hymns on the keyboard.


After a lunch my Memaw would have been proud to serve — on to the hunting camp.

So very happy e was blessed enough to join here. Sounds like a great group and it’s an amazing looking property. And HUGE.

Bunkhouse is going to need a good hard cleaning (unidentifiable critter poops don’t make for a happy momma)

And the view? Yeh.


Michael drove us all around to the different stands. We saw hog and soooooo many turkeys.

And I’m here to tell you – I would so get lost trying to find my way around there.

And that’s why I don’t drive us around.

Good recon day, even with rain!

PS Tommy is feeling better. And looks tons better. Woo!!


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