Sulfa Drug Allergy – here’s what it looks like

Friday Tom randomly spiked a fever and had a bad headache along with a sore neck. Yet 2 hours (post ibuprofen) later he was fine. I had called pedi and then canceled the appointment. I was guessing it was just a random weird virus.

Then today Tim texts me a photo of a rash.


At first I was thinking this confirmed the virus theory. But it kept nagging at me.

Eventually I hopped online and did a quick search. The boy was on Bactrim for his Staph infection and I had begun to suspect this was a reaction. All the sites I hit on said to call health care provider immediately if there was any kind of a rash – no matter how mild. Uh, I think said rash qualified as a smidge more than mild.

Our pedi called back to let me know that yes, he needed to be seen immediately.

I had to convince Tim to let me get Tom to the doctor — they were in a movie and saw no reason to go. It was urgent care then or ER later. I voted not ER myself.

By the time we arrived he was not feeling well —



Doc walked in room – took one look and said : classic Sulpha Drug Reaction Rash.

And there you go. That’s what it looks like.

He’s loaded up with steroids. Hoping tomorrow is a bit better for the poor kid.

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