Happy Birthday to My Guy

I had this planned out for a while. Was excited to finally surprise him.

When he was done with work he texted me to let me know he was on the way home.

I responded with a text:

“Head over to the place with the ugly quirky couch that reminds me of college. They had something for you behind the counter.”

He headed straight for The Coffee Loft and discovered his first clue.

This led him to the Bluff for Clue #3:

319 1/2 Fairhope Avenue is… a tattoo parlor here in Fairhope: Man O’ War Tattoo. I SO should have asked the guys to have him lay down on the table and sketch out a big ole’ heart on his rear. Alas. I just left a note at the desk for him.

Then it was onto Master Joe’s Sushi where dinner was waiting for pickup along with a mystery gift.

Eventually I gave him the hint to unscramble those letters. They spell out: LOVED NOT BROKEN

I’m not broken. I’m loved.

And I always want him to know it!

So, a short but sweet scavenger hunt followed by dinner at home with just me.

Happy Birthday, e.

You rock.


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