Dogwood 2013 — some more pics

We didn’t have really great seats (despite standing in line for nearly an hour) and I was too nervous for the girl to take photos. Luckily, Pop Pop, knew to show up with his camera and snagged some for me. Thank you, Pop Pop!

 photo ToriSkit6982_zpsbaa2017e.jpg

 photo ToriSkit6987_zpsa1fcbc9e.jpg

 photo IMG_6997_zps775dd69e.jpg

 photo IMG_7000_zps099c4f41.jpg

 photo IMG_7008_zps6a6c8330.jpg

 photo IMG_7013_zpsbc5c1140.jpg

 photo IMG_7016_zps6e842f04.jpg

 photo IMG_7018_zps71467046.jpg

 photo IMG_7031_zps80cccab7.jpg