Good Boy

This puppy is the most laid back dog EVER. We cannot stop laughing how he’ll walk across the room and collapse like he’s finished a marathon.

Don’t worry he plays hard as well at times. But he’s just as happy to lay down for yet another nap!


To our surprise he has taken to the ‘go outside bells’ on the back door. He’ll walk up them, deliberately nose them, then sit down and give a little whine and look up at us. He’ll bound out the door when opened. Well, to promptly lay down in the clover 4 feet further. 😉 But each time he’s rung the bells he’s needed to do his business! I’m impressed.

No accidents in the house yet but that is because we are in a hyper-vigilante schedule. He’s never out of our sight and goes outside on a VERY regular basis.

Crate training at night is okay. Could be worse? First night he fell asleep no problem. Woke up needing an outside visit twice. And put up QUITE the fuss when put back in. I finally laid down next to his crate with a pillow to hush him up. And he’d promptly go straight to sleep. Last night was a tad better. Hope this stage goes FAST.

We’re loving having our own lazy yellow dog.