Dragon Mardi Gras Float Project

I think it turned out awesome.


Tommy decided to name him ‘Dean’ in homage to his great-grandfather’s years of rolling with the Mystics of Time.

Dean is one of the baby dragons in the parade each year.

His sibling is Verna. The momma dragon is Vernadean.

Check old old Vernadean from 1950:

And the modern Vernadean *pic from Mobile Press Register:

I wonder if we have have any photos stored away of my Pop all dressed up for a parade?* I asked Momma today and she thinks she DOES have some pics of Pop in costume. Can anyone say fun Mardi Gras pic to put out? Cannot wait to see it. (Yes, it’s a mystical society and he’ll be masked, but still. Work with me.)

It’s funny remembering the boxes that would arrive in Charleston from Pop when I was child. Candy, beads, MoonPies and a costume. I never knew just what the heck Mardi Gras was until we finally moved to Fairhope and I experienced my first parade. As a funny side note, e took me to my very first Mardi Gras parade.

Tommy will complete his float at school in the next few days. Parents will get to see the completed project on Valentine’s Day. Can’t wait to see it!