Maybe not so different after all

As you can imagine, having three pale skinned blond children while being able to tan just walking out to the mailbox on a sunny day coupled with my very dark brown hair… well, it’s been frustrating at times.

I was asked in Texas more than once if I was the nanny. I even had someone ask me (while the baby was NURSING) whose baby it was.

Yeh. It get frustrating at times. The kids and I are used to the questions.

Yes, I really am their mother.
Yes, their BIOLOGICAL mother, thank you.
Amazingly, since none of their coloring came from me we’re going to go with Dad’s genes came into play. Thank you, brainiacs, for asking.

I remember laughing at three year old TJ sighing and rolling his eyes when someone asked him where his blond hair came from. “My daddy.” You could almost here the mental “duh” he tagged on there.

*I did make the mailman blush once when he asked the oh-so-typical question: “These are YOUR children? Where did their coloring come from!”

For once I didn’t miss a beat and quipped: “Well, we used to say the mailman, but I’ll be damned, you have RED hair!”

I digress.

Anyways, sometimes when I see a pic like this… I see my kids do look like me. Kinda. A little?!

It makes me smile.