Happy New Year… a few days late

I took a wee break from the blog with the holiday craziness. To my absolute horror I have maybe 5 photos I took Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I was so busy trying to cook and clean and play hostess to so many people…I just didn’t get any.

Everybody is back into the school groove after a great Christmas break. Tori has new classes with the new semester. They seem to be going okay.
Now she gets to start focusing on recital at dance. Can’t wait to see the costumes.

TJ is back into reading since he got a Kindle as his big gift from e and me.

Tommy was excited to take part in his first GEP (Gifted Education Program) class this week. The grin on his face was awesome to see after school.

Kids enjoyed a day at the zoo and then Cici’s Pizza later with their dad today. Sorry, no pics. He doesn’t feel the need to provide them anymore. I’ll start asking Tori to send them instead?

e and I ran lots of errands today, got lights down at the Green House, and took a nice walk down by The Grand. Sunset was lovely.


e whipped up some fire roasted tomato salsa, spicy sweet potato fries and big ole’ burgers. YUMMO.

I think we all had a great Saturday.