Today’s Excitement

Started with a call from the school nurse to please come check on Tommy. He had a few ant bites and they did not look like a normal reaction.

By the time I arrived with Benadryl (and epi just in case) he had hives popping up on his stomach, bad headache and a really flushed face. If he had a hint of a wheeze we were popping him with epinephrine and asking questions later.

Luckily Benadryl stopped most. His ankle is big and swollen.


After 5 hours of phone calls and doc visits: oral steroids and daily antihistamine on board. An inhaler and epi pen to be kept at school.

*I’m wrestling with the idea of if he needs a new medic alert bracelet. He outright begged me not to have him wear the epi pen. Fair enough. The nurse at his school seems on top of things and the teacher can radio for epi fast enough if need be. My concerns are further out now. Camp… camping… outdoors stuff. I’ve worked hard to get him out there doing stuff. I don’t want this to freak him out. I want meds on hand and life to continue normally. But the fact is, as he gets older and goes to hang out with friends at the Bay or downtown… he’ll need to have epi handy. Ugh.

Are we having fun yet?!


Props to the incredibly sweet e, by the way. When things were obviously okay he sent me a text to look for an envelope in my van. He had stashed it in there days earlier. It was a gift card for a pedicure.

He rocks.


3 thoughts on “Today’s Excitement

  1. Thanks sweetie. He is fine. You won’t believe how big those ant bites got!! But he feels good now. Thanks for checking on him. We love you!!

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