Theo the smallest Buckaroo


The pups got his first puppy clip today at the groomer. And they put on the required cutesy bandana.

TJ, sent home sick from school with a 103 fever, woke up a bit confused by the bandana.

“Mom, why does Theo have on a bandana?”

-Because he went to the groomer for his first puppy clip.

“So… puppy clip equals Cowboy Look? Okay. Well, at least I wasn’t hallucinating.”

2 thoughts on “Theo the smallest Buckaroo

  1. Theo is still cute with his bandana….I still think he looks a bit like a small version of “The Diggingest Dog” by Al Perkins….Let’s hope he does not like to dig like that!

    We hope TJ is feeling better soon!
    Love to all!

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