Marching Season!

To Tim it was always ‘Football Season’ but to me it was ‘Marching Season’ having played in the high school band for a couple of years. All this week Tori has been at Band Camp. (Yes, everyone say it… ‘Once… in band camp…’ Now that we have that out of our system…)

The kids have worked really hard in some crazy nasty heat. Tonight all the parents came to the big parent meeting to discuss everything from competitions to ways to raise money for the band. After the parent meeting the band showed us part of what they have been working on so diligently. TJ, e and I were really impressed with what they’ve done this week! It was a really big deal as this was the first time Tori marched for us. She did awesome. Woo!

*Tim couldn’t make as he chose to go see his girlfriend graduate from college tonight instead. Congratulations to her. She sounds like a lovely young lady with a bright future ahead of her. Best wishes to her as she enters adulthood.

Blurry pic, but it still made me smile remembering my days in band.


Our exhausted young clarinet player.


You’d think after a week of Band Camp she’d be pooped and ready to crash hard. Er, not so much. She is out with the church all night at a ‘Lock OUT’ as the poor Youth Leaders take them to a Bouncy Place, Bowling, Skating… er… I don’t even remember what else. She was thrilled to go. I’m exhausted thinking about it.

I imagine post-graduation-party Tim (I remember how we felt after my graduation party back in 1994!) won’t be so thrilled with an exhausted teen he picks up at 8 in the morning. Oy.

And don’t think this is the last you’ve heard about band. HA! FAR from it. The fees are about four times what I was expecting and… let’s just say Tori and I have QUITE a bit of fundraising to do this year!


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