Big day for the 6 week old

Theo was six weeks old yesterday so we took him for his first set of shots today. First off, he’s not a big fan of car rides yet. I told him to suck it up and get over it.

It was a tiny bit hard for Tori and I to go back to the same vet we used for Glory. As we sat in the exam room I had a sudden rush of emotions: remembering how grateful I was e showed up and sat on the floor with Glory’s head in his lap, the children taking her for a walk out front of the office with her IV in… and even how the staff was crying the day we rushed up to tell her goodbye one last time. I’ll never forget the burly vet snatching me around the shoulders and giving me a big bear hug — telling me she waited for us and now we had to go. It sucked. But I’m glad we said goodbye none-the-less.

ANYWAY… yeh, a tad hard going back. But I reminded Tori we were going to make new memories with a new puppy for her grandmother, so we both did pretty well I thought.

Theo is a happy healthy puppy. Good teeth, hips, etc. Unluckily that pretty fur is hiding fleas pretty darn well. Vet spotted a couple on him. We guess he picked up in the yard. (JOY!)

So, after no success finding flea puppy shampoo for a puppy under 4 pounds, the vet said to just use the regular blue Dawn dish soap. Worked like a charm. But Theo wasn’t quite so impressed.


He crashed hard after such a big day.




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