Meeting the authors of The Sword of Darrow

Last year I signed TJ up to be a young reviewer for the novel, The Sword of Darrow. The deal was simple: the publisher would sent a review copy to TJ, he would read it, then send back in his review of the book and any suggestions he might have. When the book was released they’d send him a signed copy. And as a super cool fun thing: his name would be listed in the book as a reviewer. How cool is that when you are his age?

TJ finished the book and informed me it was easily one of his favorite books ever. Wow! That’s some high praise from him!

He was tickled when his signed copy arrived. So… when I had an email from the father of the father/son author team inviting us to a book signing… I couldn’t resist.

So  for a TJ and Mom only adventure on Friday we loaded up and headed to Gulfport to meet the authors.

And ate up my gift card at Starbucks on the way. 😉

With Hal and Alex Malchow, the authors. (And they were so nice. Loved hearing the story of how this book came to be.

Being recognized as being one of the young reviewers.

With some of the others young reviewers.

Was a fun afternoon with the boy. And he thought it was pretty neat they even had a t-shirt for him. He’s eagerly awaiting the sequel which Hal assured the kids was in the makings.


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