Today’s post… is brought to you by the letter ‘S’

We started off the day with a quick run by the bank (thanks for the SUCKERS, bank teller lady!) before dropping Tori off with K to go enjoy the SUNSHINE, SMILES and SAND in Gulf Shores.



Then we headed over to get TJ’s physical and a couple of SHOTS.


Imagine my surprise when the pediatrician declares: “I think he has SCOLIOSIS.” So a SPECIALIST appointment we will make.

Even more SURPRISE when pediatrician then takes a look at a weird SPOT that suddenly showed up behind Tommy’s knee Monday… and declares: “He needs a SONOGRAM.”  So another appointment did we make. (9 am at hospital… weeeeeeeeee!)


About now certain words like ‘SHUCKS!‘ and ‘SERIOUSLY?‘ might have been uttered once or twice by yours truly.  No more than a few times, certainly not.

After a quick lunch out we went shoe shopping for the boys. Tommy scored some flip-flops at JC Penney’s. TJ was thrilled to discover the type of SANDALS he REALLY wanted at D’s SPORTING Goods. (Unofficial grand opening today… and a SUPER SWEET lady saved us $10 with a coupon… karma, baby!)


We grabbed some SWEET corn at a farm truck on the SIDE of the road so I could make some SOUL food: Memaw’s Cream Corn.


At home TJ SANDED his foot locker a tad more.


Friday we will SPRAY paint the letters and STAIN it… well, we hope?! Later we’ll SHELLAC over the SCOUTING emblem we’re creating out of paper. Let’s hope my SCRAPBOOKING skills still rock. 😉 *Below is an inspiration shot… we’ll see how it turns out?!


Tommy discovered another pesky SQUIRREL in the trap.


And he helped SCOOP up some cookie dough.


Tj found a FEW SOCKS behind the couch when it was clean up the play room time. (This is about 2/3 of what he found… I kid you not.) And yes, I think this should lay to rest the ‘what is that SMELL?’ question regarding the play room once and for all… just saying.


We had a nice laid back SUPPER and some fresh homemade cookies to round it off.

Just another SUMMER day, brought to you by the letter ‘S’  — with love.





—–And maybe a {===sigh===}


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