Last Day of School 2010-2011

Parties were actually Thursday.

First up I made sure to get to TJ’s school to see some plays they put on in the classroom:



After his class party we checked out early and hustled over to Tommy’s school for his party:


He requested golden butter cake with vanilla frosting dipped in white chocolate for his party:


On Friday TJ got an award for A/B honor roll all year:


Tommy made straight A’s all year…

And Tori got credit for HS Algebra I. So next year she’ll start off in Geometry. Woo!!! (That was a hard one for her this year and I almost thought we made a mistake allowing her to try this. Proud of her for getting through it. She got a taste of how High School is going to be… we’re in for a ride!)

Last moment as a Middle Schooler (yes, I was quite teary eyed actually!)


Tori headed off for the Lake with her BFF to start her Summer Holidays. The boys and I started things off with grilled brats and homemade ice-cream. Later on we decided to watch Time Bandits.

Here’s to Summer 2011!


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