Happy Momma’s Day

Tori (and Kaylee) were busy with the baby ballerinas today. Tommy has had some mysterious hive outbreaks that we think might be viral so we skipped our planned outing to a birthday party at the firestation with Fireman Sam 😦 and the beach :(The kids gave me a Starbucks card… and it was Happy Hour at Starbucks. And they did have a drive thru…

And then Gator Alley was RIGHT there and I figured he wouldn’t really expose anyone looking at a gator… and then TJ needed directions for a bike ride… so we drove by the swinging tree… and they just NEEDED to give it a go.

So even though we kinda isolated him for the day… we still got out a little.


2 thoughts on “Happy Momma’s Day

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to a mom that has been my “mom” inspiration for well past a decade…hope you had a nice one!

  2. That’s so sweet of you to say. Tim informed me I wasn’t a good mom, he only pretended I was all those years to boost my confidence. :-O

    Er… yeh, my mothering esteem has been at an all time low ever since. Thanks, Timmy.

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