Surprise! It’s a Birthday Party for ME!

This afternoon I thought I was going over to e’s place for a ‘surprise’ lunch. I knew he was cooking and I knew I was supposed to show up to eat with parents and kids in tow. Tori had gone to help decorate and I was just pretending not to know about lunch since she was being hush hush.

Ha. Joke’s on me. She was being hush hush for a reason.

When boys and I arrived we found these by the road:

I thought that was such a wonderful surprise. (I have a chalkboard fetish apparently… love them!) But wait… there’s more! As I chatted with the furiously cooking e


and Tori (and K who just happened to show up to help out — I am oblivious at times!)


some friends walked in the door… then more… and more… and more.

Surprise! I am getting a party whether I want it or not. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I was totally surprised and shocked and… it was good. The only bad part? I was so shocked I hardly took any pics.



Tori made this cake totally by herself. I was so impressed!


A man that cooks for me… be still my heart.


These are black and white for a reason… I am SUNBURNED.



Thank you to all my friends and family that made my day special. It was amazingly cool to feel that loved. Thank you. I know e worked his tail off on getting that all put together. I thought the guy threw a pretty nice party… but I might be biased. Thanks e!!!

*More pictures next time, honest!

I leave you with a note Tori had put on some doors to guests before everyone went with the quiet entry method. (And thank you to Tori for all her hard hard hard work as well. What an awesome young woman!)


Still shaking head laughing…


One thought on “Surprise! It’s a Birthday Party for ME!

  1. Berta, your party sounds as awesome as we all know you are ๐Ÿ™‚ How special that those who love you the most did this for you! You’re a blessed woman!!!

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