SC Johnson Smart and Easy Spring Cleaning

BzzAgent hooked me up with a fabulous BzzKit for this one. Check it out:

I usually don’t buy the Spring scented candles. I just don’t. I’m a vanilla kinda-girly usually. (Don’t knock vanilla it’s my FAV!) I have to admit though I like the Limited Edition ‘Sparkle of Spring’ candle they sent. It’s a nice light scent for the season without being overly spring-cloying.

The ‘Crisp Waters’ plugins scented oil was NOT a fav of mine, but does well to cover up stinky boy smell after they play outside. So, into the playroom it went.

The Scrubbing Bubbles EXTEND-A-CLEAN MEGA SHOWER Foamer? Love it. Simply love it. It does seem to keep the shower cleaner for a longer period of time. It seems to leave behind a ‘polish’ of some kind that repels shower funk a bit longer. I’m ALL for that.

Tori is on toilet duty still as a chore. I am thinking she’s going to LOVE the CONTINUOUS CLEAN Toilet Cleaning Gel. Just saying…


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