Well, when I got up this morning with the smallish one (who as we all know by now has an underlying tendency to wheeze when ill) <– if you don’t know this… what blog have YOU been reading?….

Er, sorry,…when I woke up with a snotty wheezing kid and thought ‘REALLY? AGAIN?’ and was all sorts of prepared to ask God for a bit of assistance keeping all three of my kids 100% healthy for just a mere 48 hours. (I didn’t want to be GREEDY, you know!)…

And then I saw the news about Japan. And saw friends worried about loved ones in Hawaii. And heard my kids wondering if friends they had in Japan were okay… and…

Yeh, you know what? We’re fine with some wheezing. All good. Shutting up.

Thoughts and prayers for everyone in Japan.


PS Tori had confirmation that her friend was okay in Japan. Yes, I lifted Facebook restriction so she could check on her. TJ has no way of knowing if his classmate that just moved out there is okay. I told him we needed to keep his whole family in our prayers… the whole country for that matter.


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