Valentines Day 2011

After a post-op appointment with the surgeon (I got to watch some stuff that will make a few of you lose your breakfast so I will refrain from describing in great detail the size of the needle. Bwhahahahaha!)

and a 2.25 hour long stint at the oncologist (where we got the best possible news seeing as she had two grossly positive lymph nodes)

and take away lunch from Panini Pete’s (thanks dad!)

I headed up to Tommy’s party.




For his class I made cupcakes:

And Tori shared cakeballs with teachers and friends. They were bagged up with the super cute heart marshmallows mom found.

TJ had no baking requests for the day… so that was it!

After the kids left with Tim I had a quiet night in with my Valentine. It’s been exhausting few weeks around here! But I got flowers and chocolate and even handmade jewelry by my guy, himself!

Happy fake holiday everyone… may you show your love to the people important to you EVERY day! 🙂

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