Village Point Preserve Park

Since the kids were off from school today we decided to go wander around the trails at the Village Point Preserve Park. We’ve had a picnic on the table before, but never really checked it out before today.

We … I say we… I mean the boys and I went to wander around. Sigh. Tori, being a teen, opted to stay home and sleep. Grrrrr.

Anyway… pictures!




In the D’Olive Family Cemetery.



We tried to find the primitive burial site. But ended up in an icky bog area. We decided it was either past there… or that was it. And since the boys kept talking about zombies… we left. Ha!



Yes, I looked down and realized the smallish one had taken my hand. Sigh. He rarely does that these days. I needed a picture to his dismay.


Thankful for a gorgeous day for an outing with my smallish twerps I do so adore.


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