no-good-rotten-disgusting-cold of 2010 continues…

First off. I didn’t even see Fred today. No earthly idea where he is.

Second off. Tommy wasn’t getting any better. Like not at all. Like he’s lost 7 pounds and was in tears last night.

This morning at breakfast I noticed nasal flaring. Picked up his shirt and he was having the beginnings of retractions. Breathing treatments and multiple calls to the nurse (and texts to my personal nurse, J) and we were back at the doctor’s office for a THIRD time since this started.

O2 Sats were alarmingly low at first. And even so, I was not pleased with the 89 when all was said and done. Newest x-ray showed generalized inflammation… no specific nasty spot like we suspected.

He was popped with shots of steroid and antibiotic. Doctor decided against admitting to the hospital for today. We will recheck him in the morning. If his O2 Sats have not improved quite a bit along with everything else we’ll need to put him the hospital for a couple of days. I hate that because… that means Santa might need to visit him there.

Will update later. For now we are home and trying to rest best we can between all these meds and the crazy steroid jitters.

Thanks for checking in on the smallish one.



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