The nasty-disgusting-rotten-no-good-cold of 2010

Early December poor TJ came home from school achy tired and not feeling good. By the time he got to Tim’s house he was running a fever as we suspected he was. He ended up having double ear infections and a nasty sinus infection.Poor kid. It took quite a while for him to get to sounding and feeling better.

Last Wednesday night I started feeling not so great. By lunch on Thursday I was curled up in bed with hard chills and thinking dark thoughts about germs

Tori has a dance Friday night. I took her to get a very pretty black dress earlier in the week. Unluckily she decided to get ready at K’s house and I never saw her dressed up. Sad faced mom.

It was my weekend with the kids, but Tim was a big help picking the boys (and super stubborn me) for Cookies with Santa at Oak Hollow Farms. Tommy was singing with the FES chorus.





I do love how they decorate around there!




I just took pics and kept my coughs covered. On the way back to the green house Tim insisted I get a different OTC as I sounded pretty awful. I did appreciate it. And I promptly collapsed in tears when we got home. Yeh, I was feeling that sick.

That night e showed up with a get well package that included: flowers, soup, tea, chai, Sonic Drink  and… stuffed olives. Thanks, e. Yes, pic is blurry — but I was having such an awful teary achy sick whiny baby day… this only helped. And the blurry pic still makes me a smile. So there.


Unluckily by Sunday, he had me at the doc in the box for 2.5  fun filled hours that included chest xrays, swabs and finally a steroid shot so I could breathe a bit better. Came home with three scripts and the hope I would feel better. *I don’t. 😦

And now poor Tommy has come up with it. Fever, glassy-eyed, nasty cough. Yeh, we are so over this. You have NO idea.

*I do have some Fred pics to put up later. He’s been a busy elf… except for one night he must have been too tired and cold to head over to Santa’s.

Thanks so EVERYONE that has helped out while I’ve been down for the count.  Hoping we kick these germs out soon. We have a LOT to do still for the holidays.

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