BayFest 2010

I am no longer a BayFest virgin.

Have to admit VIP was the way to go. (You rock, M & D!) No waiting at the gates. Food, friends and a place to hang out? Count me in.

Awesome people watching. Some scarred the retina.

Hotel with Aveda everything? I sang praises each time I washed my hands!

And my first taste of fried green tomatoes. I am Southern… honest.

Great adult weekend.

Mötley Crüe –

Couldn’t recognize a song. But we were there!

What can you say?

Roller Derby girls showed now and again.


Having fun hanging in a parking garage.

Bonnie Raitt? —    AKA known as never make a blog post when sleep deprived via iPhone.

*Yeh that would be Reba McEntire.

Don’t mind me. I just pretend to know what is going on around me.

Yup. A good weekend.


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