MD’s Birthday Continues…

The view from the balcony of the condo. (Well if you were sitting on the floor… which I was for some odd reason.) Wish I framed this shot better!


I need to get the history of the building straight… but it was an AMAZING place. Gorgeous. Truly, I don’t think I can explain how utterly cool this place is.

Me at a loss for words. Who knew?

Anyway…MD, DD, and e all got up to go jog in the morning. Something is seriously wrong with those people. Wonder if e is going to fuss I put this pic up? I was on the balcony, drinking coffee, and people watching… and he goes jogging by. Come on… I had to snap a picture, right?


He jogged. I had half a chocolate croissant. Guess I am not allowed to complain one little bit about weight, huh? (Sigh)

Eventually we met up with DD’s sister and her husband for lunch at the Royal Street Deli. Yummmmmy. (See a theme here yet?) I had a salad with tuna. So good.



By the way, I did not bring my beloved D80 on this trip. So pictures are either from my iPrecious or snagged from MD’s camera.

After lunch we wandered around a bit. Did some shopping. Everyone ended up getting some art. I just snapped pics and enjoyed the views.


Soon after DD’s family left some of MD’s family joined us. After getting them settled we headed out for a tour of an old house. An old house that used to service many an unscrupulous man back in the day. Down in  the old Storyville district.

A book has been written about the woman that ran the place: The Last Madam: A Life in the New Orleans Underworld. One of MD’s clients bought this place and is in the process of turning it into multiple condo units. We got  to walk around and see the various stages of the demo/remodel. We even got some great history from MD. Truly felt like I was on the set of an HGTV show. (Cue up e’s voice: This week on ‘This Old Whorehouse…’)


Original floors refinished.


Reclaimed brick.


Back by the slaves’ quarters and carriage house.


To see a restoration project like this in person was just entertaining, educational… different… and I LOVED it.

Screen shot 2010-09-19 at 8.46.44 PM

After the brothel condos tour we wandered around…

There was a need for muffalettas expressed at some point. And since Central Grocery in the Market would be closed Sunday we were all but required to head on down that way. Required, I tell you.


Remember the theme? YUMMMMMY.


Some random shots from DD’s camera of cool NOLA stuffs.


A glass big enough for the birthday boy.




We headed on back to the condo after that since Unka J and some friends were stopping by for a quick visit. (J, I need the pic of us from your camera, young man!)

edited to add:

At some point a wedding party parade (complete with a Dixie band) went wandering by. We threw beads. 🙂


And then MD, DD, e and I got ready for dinner. Dinner at… Galatoire’s. That was such a fun call from MD earlier in the week: ” We are going to Galatoire’s for dinner, make sure e has a jacket and you and the wife figure out dresses.”

image from the web

This what happens when I am crazy rushed and you stick a camera in my face.



Dinner was AMAZING. (Say it with me: YUMMMMMMY!) We went with the server’s recommendations. We simply passed our dishes around the table. 🙂

After dinner we had an interesting coffee drink… it was fun to watch it being prepared. (They even set our table on fire… sorta!)


Birthday boy with his beautiful wife.


After dinner DD and I ended up with copies of Recipes and Family History from the Time-Honored New Orleans Restaurant. Fun souvenir story to meet the author and have him sign our books by our table. (Awesome.)

*Hey, MD, thank you so much for inviting e and me along for that experience with you both. Truly enjoyed it. (In case you missed the memo!)

We waddled back to the condo… but stopped along the way to pick up cigars for the boys.


I know I threw on a tshirt and yoga pants at this point, but then we ended up going back out to hear a band for an hour or so.


Judging by this pic… I’m saying I was a bit tired by the end of the night. Just a bit!


It was a busy day, full of friends, food, and laughter. For an adult only weekend: I could not ask for more.

Happy Birthday, MD!


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