A lazy morning… I have to admit I was disappointed we missed the Jazz Mass at historic St. Augustine Church in Treme. Come on… Jazz Mass in New Orleans?!!!

We wandered around for a bit until our ears led us to the Satchmo SummerFest at the Mint.



When he realized where we were e was hoping to find an old family portrait he had read was hanging here. After searching through the Mint he talked to the guard and realized it was probably at a different museum. Another adventure for another weekend then. 🙂


Music was great.

Next we went looking for an antique place we had discovered another weekend. Amazingly, we found it rather quickly. Greg’s is an awesome little antique/junk shop.  Check it out sometime. Be warned: no AC.


After a trip to Jackson Square we wandered about sniffing out a place to cool off and have some lunch. In the end Marigny’s fit the bill perfectly. A bit off the beaten path, but still delicious.

As we ate some girls in hot pink tutus, black fishnet hose, high heels, pink and black corsets, even a hot pink lace umbrella… started loading up their car. You could tell I had been in a New Orleans for over 24 hours, I casually glanced up then went back to sweet potato fries.

Then it was time to go.

Looking forward to another trip this Fall, when it’s a bit cooler.


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