Happy First Day of Spring 2009

To help you celebrate: random pictures.

First up: a nose picking toad. Yes. Really. And you KNOW he was promptly turned into my desktop, right?


Tori the oh-so-happy-tween. Today was the 6th grade sock hop at school. She screamed and cried and wrung her hands and begged the heavens for a poodle skirt today. I improvised with this outfit. She begged for curls. We got up early to do them… and she complained they were not straight.

Yes, please re-read that. She complained (with eyes watering up) that her curls. were. not. straight.


Really, I have nothing else to say.


And lastly: a photo of the sunrise this morning. Taken on the side of the road with a horrified Tori that attempted to embarrass me with a ‘Nice, mother, I can see your underwear.’ My calm response of ‘Oh, do you like the new thong?’ was met with a chilly silence. Oh yeh. I have mentioned I LOVE this age, right?!


Remember: today is the day you can balance an egg on your nose while drinking a Route 44 Diet Cherry Limeade from Sonic as you check out artsy fartsy stuffs up at the Arts and Crafts Festival in Fairhope this afternoon. Really. Honest. I read it on the internets… so it MUST be true.


2 thoughts on “Happy First Day of Spring 2009

  1. Berta, again you make my day. Too funny. I think Tori is just awesome and her mind is somewhat trying to tease and get you to react. Love ya, Mom Lander

  2. Cute sockhopper and great sunrise pic–no comment on our froggy friend but somehow he fits the theme of the post. šŸ™‚

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