Fairhope Tree Lighting Ceremony

Tonight was the annual Fairhope Tree Lighting Ceremony. Of course I felt the need to take at least ONE extra child. (But that was all… honest!)

This year’s poster features Holly Irwin‘s “One Star” painting. I love it! Yes, I’ll have to get a poster, darnit.

We warmed up with some Taco Soup before heading out, but truthfully it wasn’t cold this year. I would have preferred some grilled steak salad. Oh yeh, that is dinner Friday for SURE.

Of course, being a family outing means… DRAMA.

And  the drama of the night involved, who else but (drum roll please) TORI!

Yes. Tori. Shock of all shocks.

Story is too long.

Shortened version: Tori wanted be an elf with her dance studio (they hand out info about the upcoming show), no elf spots left, my friend called late today and asked Tori to be an elf, I called Tori and told her she was an elf and…

she screamed at me.

Yes, she screamed at me.

She had plans to meet friends at 6:15 at Gene’s Beans.

Uh… excuse me?

Being the meanest mom in the world I picked her up and made her be an elf simply because… she screamed at me.

And guess what?

She had fun.


Really, I’m NOT cut out for this mom gig.

Hey… look above the boys… see the tree? It has lights and they are lit… get it? Uh, yeh, that’s why we went downtown.

K (who is getting more than slightly boy crazy) and Tori (who is NOT boy crazy right now and getting annoyed with K in this picture)

The Reluctant Elf… AKA my demon child

Okay, I tossed in this picture because… eventually I had to send the boys back to the Green House (Pop Pop met me at the corner) and wait for Tori to finish up the Elf Gig. The Middle School symphonic band was playing. (And you know what? They were not bad at all actually.) Anyways, I sat on a slate sidewalk, freezing just my arse off… and I looked up at this apartment… and just really wished I was in there with a glass of wine and an old book I haven’t read in a while. It just looked so… cool.

Then screaming girls brought me back to reality… and we headed home.

I was sad this year a bit. This has become a tradition of ours. Next year Tori would have been playing in symphonic. So many “If we stayed here… then…” thoughts.

But if we stayed then we would never know what could have been in Austin.

Well, the solution is easy: it’s just time to start planning for new traditions in Austin.


So, here’s to our future traditions… and a toast to all our old ones.

Night all.

3 thoughts on “Fairhope Tree Lighting Ceremony

  1. Love the picture’s, looks like a nice evening and a good one to remember. Enjoy your new family traditions next year…

  2. I bet you’ll find really cool traditions in Austin! “Keep Austin Weird”…. I love that city!

    My heart would ache too if I had to leave such wonderful family things behind, despite Demon Child, lol.

    You’re a great mom and despite Tori and her outbursts (ahhhhhhh the age where Mom doesn’t know squat!) you’ll make it thru. Just be glad you only have ONE daughter!!!!!

    Love ya Berta!!!

  3. Looks like a lovely, bittersweet night. I promise lots of wonderful new traditions. You will love Austin! Can’t wait for you guys to be here!!!

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