Happy New Year’s to Everyone!

We had a nice laid back day over at a friend’s house. Tim had to work, but eventually joined us for the last 2.5 hours. The kids ran around and played all day while the grownups just hung our. Trivial Pursuit 80’s Edition took WAY too many hours. Luckily for Jane and I eventually Tim joined our team which, of course, quickly moved us to the winner’s circle. Go Tim! 😉

Today all the kids have different playdates. I’m trying to catch up laundry and clean a bit.

I’m working on drafting up my resolutions for 2007. 😀

Tim and I are playing around with the idea of getting our own place down the line. I’d hate to give up this location but I think we need to have our very own place. Sharing is MUCH harder than you would think. We will be staying in Fairhope, of course. So no HUGE changes. I’m applying for a few remote telecommuting jobs at this point. I’d really like something where I can be part of the school experience for the kids. And I never want them to do after school care etc. Out of the question. Something will come up. I am sure of it.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and enjoy a blessed New Year.

Catch you later!


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