Belated birthday celebrations 

Tom was not feeling well on his actual birthday. I picked him up from a day at The Grand with buddies and he announced:

I do NOT feel well. 

By the next morning I took him in for a flu test. (Negative – but I am still not sure about that result.) 

Because of this we missed a day at the beach with family to celebrate Tom’s bday with family. 

Thursday he finally felt well enough for us to meet Don Susan and Katherine at Lulu’s for supper. After – we stopped by the condo for a short visit. The boy received a pretty rocking gift from his Uncle Don and Uncle Dan. 

The smile when he opened that case was awesome. 

I know he’s ready to hit the range now!

Thanks to everyone that loves my not so smallish one. 


Lovely birthday

Had a super chill laid back birthday. Tori took me for a jelly pedi:

By the way that is weird! But cool.

Family and friends stopped by for visits and hugs. 

And we had fajitas that I may or may not have grilled myself since Eric working so very hard this week. 

Turns out I rock fajitas, btw. 

Thank you for all the love!

A space of our own

So this happened….

A while back Eric floated the idea by me that maybe another house might better suit us and our lifestyle. 

At first I refused to even entertain the idea of a move any earlier than 4 years or so. I just wasn’t ready to pack it all up. 

But as we talked I realized he had a point. And we began to look around for ideas of what would work for our family. 

I came up with a long list of (honestly) slightly absurd things like: NO wallpaper, granite counters, hardwood floors, circular drive, at least an acre, at least 3 bathrooms, at least 4 bedrooms plus an office, something with character. 

We both agreed no HOA. (Never again!) 

So we started stalking Zillow etc. in December Eric showed me a house that seemed to fit the bill. After looking st the listing about 100 times I agreed we should go see it. 

So – of course we didn’t. 

But then in January — we did. 

And well — log story short — we bought it. 

We have hardwood floors and everything else plus some on my crazy list — and an acre and a she-shed and a deck and…

A lot of boxes to unpack. 

And while we are exhausted – we are thrilled. 

Anyone want to come now the lawn?

Getting ready

for our big move!

Thanks to Linda for the curtains. Ordered the rug and mat today. Cannot wait to see everything all together. 

Even if I realized today the ‘dining room’ doesn’t actually have a ceiling light fixture — yet. 

Joys of an older home? I’m sure not the first thing like this we will find.